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Marketing services for those who aim to achieve their long-term goals by delivering real value to their customers. Whether you wish to take your e-commerce project to the next level, to introduce a new product or enter a new market, you’ve come to the right place.

Market Research & Analysis

Understand your target market and spot opportunities.

Marketing Strategy Development

Find the best ways to achieve your marketing goals.

E-commerce Marketing

Drive quality traffic and increase conversion rates.

Marketing Workshops

Get a fresh perspective or learn new skills.

Market Research & Opportunity Assessment

Thinking of entering a new market or introducing a new product? Not sure if market conditions are favorable for that?

Market research and/or opportunity assessment is a place to start. Gain an improved knowledge of your target market:

✓ Find out about market trends and important statistics;
✓ Understand competitive environment;
✓ Find out which marketing approaches your competitors use;
✓ Learn about routes to market;
✓ Get to know your target consumers.

All of this will help you understand whether the idea is worth pursuing and what your options are.
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Marketing Strategy

The opportunity is there, however you are not sure how to go about it? Benefit from strategy sessions where together we:

✓ Understand your strengths and weaknesses;
✓ Define your competitive advantage;
✓ Identify your target customers and understand how they buy;
✓ Create compelling brand positioning;
✓ Refine your marketing goals and find the best ways to achieve them.

A well-considered marketing strategy will give you direction and will help you make the most of your resources.

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E-commerce Marketing

Do you own an e-shop or an online marketplace? Do you feel its performance could be better?

Whether you already run an existing e-commerce business or are just starting off, get in touch if you could use some help:

✓ Planning your next steps;
✓ Improving quality of your offer;
✓ Making sense of consumer data and available tools;
✓ Raising awareness of your products;
✓ Driving quality traffic to your web-page.

All the above leads to improved conversion rates.

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Marketing Workshops

Do you have a marketing problem you can't find a solution for? Do you feel stuck and unable to prioritize? Do you lack marketing skills that would help you run your business?

Depending on your needs, marketing workshops and games may help to:

✓ Provoke analytical and creative thinking;
✓ Train your capacity to prioritize your next marketing moves;
✓ Help you find solutions to marketing problems you are struggling with;
✓ Improve your marketing skills by actively applying them in gamified situations.

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What are clients saying?

Adomas Pranevičius, CEO, MyDrink Beverages

I would define Juste as a trustworthy individual and a top level marketing professional. She has been entrusted with a number of complex market intelligence analysis and has proven to be an expert of great insight. Juste pays a great deal of attention to details and delivers results in quality and on time. I am glad to have her as a team member at MyDrink Beverages.

Saulius Majauskas, CEO and owner, JSC Margin

Justė is a result-orientated and smart online marketing specialist. She pays a great attention to every single detail and is fast to approach the new things that work. I would recommend Justė as a well-organized and responsible person to help your company to achieve various marketing challenges. Within almost a year (and counting) of working with Justė on e-commerce project in Latvia, revenues doubled and a new product line had successfully entered the market.

Anne Myon, Project Manager, Ducker Research Europe

Juste proved to be very efficient and autonomous on a complex industrial study conducted by Ducker. She understood quickly the context and key elements of the project, and managed to provide significant results in a challenging timeframe. She is someone you can trust, very proactive and communicates regular follow up on her progress. I would definitely recommend working with Juste to anyone looking for insightful results on complex questions with shorts deadlines. She is well suited for that.

Dr. Donatas Jonikas, author of “Startup Evolution Curve”, CEO at UAB “Marketologai”

Juste is highly dutiful and responsible marketing specialist. If she said, that it will be done, be sure - it will be done! Juste has a great skill to foresee what tasks should be done to reach the main goal and that helps to plan all work forehead. Her strong logical thinking allows her to go deep and professionally in different projects and find strategical solutions.

Ronald Velghe, Policy Officer, European Commission

Juste is a proactive person and has been a committed member of the Registry Administrator's community for several years. She has successfully contributed to accomplishing various complex tasks in cooperation with other colleagues and the European Commission. Juste assumed a leadership role in administering the registry system for Lithuania and was also helpful and responsive during critical moment of the projects. I highly recommend Justé for employment. She is a trustworthy individual, a team player and would make a great asset to any organization.

Graham Beastall, Managing Director, Soutron Limited

Her work has been detailed and meticulous demonstrating an ability to quickly understand new technology and how to analyse a market. She has performed all tasks required of her to a high level. Juste’s English both written and verbal is excellent and the quality of her work is very good. We have enjoyed her working within our close knit team and will miss her diligence and steadfastness.

Case Studies

Below are a few examples of the marketing projects I and my team have undertaken. Please click on the title of the case study to read more.

New Market Entry: Ecommerce Marketing in Estonia

The main objective was to introduce a niche consumer electronics e-shop to Estonian market. Marketing methods implemented led to overall revenue increase. After the first 6 months, revenue in Estonia already constituted over a half of […]

Market Study in Russia for a Large Global Company

Project objective was to get a full understanding of the specific market sector in Russia (usage of the products, routes to market, market leaders etc.). Market study constituted of two phases (qualitative and quantitative research) and took place during […]

Marketing Services for an Ecommerce Project in Latvia

Project objectives were to increase e-commerce conversions and to introduce new products and entire categories to the Latvian market. Chosen marketing approach led to 150% increase in ecommerce revenue within the first year […]

Opportunity Assessment in UK, Sweden & Germany

Project objectives were to understand where market conditions are more favorable for introduction of a new product and gain an improved knowledge of the selected market. The study helped understand whether the idea was worth pursuing […]

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Helping great products reach their consumers

I am Justė Akmenskytė – marketing expert predominantly focusing on new market entry. Throughout the years, I have developed a number of marketing strategies and plans, conducted opportunity assessments and contributed to various marketing campaigns.

I have also undertaken lots of market researches as a stand-alone researcher as well as in cooperation with other market professionals such as a premier research and consulting firm Ducker Worldwide. Together we have served some of the Fortune Global 500 companies. 

In addition to that, I have coordinated series of discussions, national and international conferences, seminars and other business events.

Earlier working experience also involved financial analysis and representation of interests of Lithuania in EU working groups, which now allows understanding business processes a lot better and seeing the big picture rather than what is only directly related to the marketing function.


Working Experience: 9+ years.

Specialization: marketing strategy and implementation related to foreign market entry, new product launch, e-commerce.

Markets: mostly European Union.

Services provided: marketing strategy development, market research, marketing planning and implementation, opportunity assessment, monitoring of marketing performance, brand management, marketing consulting and business event management.

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Looking to introduce a new product or enter new market?

Seeking new business opportunities?

Want to take your e-commerce project(s) to the next level?

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  juste [ @ ] marketing-svcs.com

  +370 693 58 907

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