Ecommerce marketing services were provided to a retailer* already running an e-shop in Latvia and willing to introduce some of the assortment to Estonian market.

Project Objective

The main objective was to introduce a niche consumer electronics e-shop to Estonian market.


Our team has created the market entry strategy and took care of its implementation throughout the project period. We have also prepared product descriptions, product comparisons, educational and advertising materials, as well as ensured quality customer service.

Various online marketing methods were used to enable successful entry to Estonian market. One of the key approaches that led to success was working with local influencers. A few select Estonian bloggers were invited to test some of the latest products and describe their experience in their blog. Series of blog posts about the devices, led to higher customer engagement (as opposed to onetime collaborations with bloggers) and as a result to higher conversions. Blogs have also served as a tool for customer education which made the buying decision process somewhat quicker.

After the first 6 months, revenue in Estonia already constituted over a half of monthly revenue of the entire e-shop. This also led to overall increase of the conversions within both markets of the e-store. Revenue growth even a few months after the marketing campaigns proved the market-entry successful (not just a one time but rather  a longer term effect).

Services Provided: Marketing planning and implementation.

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* Company and e-shop names, as well as precise conversion data may not be indicated due to confidentiality agreements.