The market study and opportunity assessment for an investment group* was performed in partnership with global beverage consultancy MyDrink Beverages. Partner company has taken care of the aspects related to beverage development and our team of those related to marketing.

Project Objectives (marketing-related only):

  • To understand where (in Germany, the United Kingdom or Sweden) market conditions are more favorable for introduction of a new product*;
  • To have an improved knowledge of the particular sector* in the selected target market, its competitive environment, key trends and opportunities.


Project constituted of two phases and took place during the period of three months. The first phase was focused on gaining knowledge about the competitive environment, consumption levels, shopper behavior and other key aspects. This enabled comparing the three markets and evaluating feasibility of introduction of a new product in each of them.

Based on comparison, a single market was selected for further research during the phase 2. It involved a more in-depth analysis of main competitors, their positioning, pricing, distribution and other strategies. Analysis performed during both phases enabled market mapping, identification of key trends and opportunities.

Improved knowledge about beverage development, the target market and gross margin projection helped the client to better understand whether the idea was worth pursuing and identify the most feasible market entry approaches.

Services Provided: Market research and analysis, market mapping, opportunity assessment, gross margin projection.

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* We are bound by confidentiality agreements, therefore we cannot name the client, product assessed or share the actual findings.