Ecommerce marketing services were provided to a small Lithuanian retailer* running a number of online shops in the Baltic States. 

Project Objectives:

  • First and foremost, to increase e-commerce conversions;
  • To introduce new products and entire categories to the Latvian market. 


Products sold in the e-store were meant for a very niche, tech-savvy market. Since the products were new to Latvian customers, there was a great need of education. Having understood that, our marketing team independently and in collaboration with third-parties has built bilingual (Latvian and Russian) educational resources and ensured their diffusion.

We have used various online communication channels to get the message through. Our team also eagerly participated in various discussions and replied to comments. We have regularly improved product descriptions, prepared various supportive information and tools to help customers pick the right product, understand their features etc.

All the above, along with friendly and educative customer service led to approximately 150% increase in revenue within the first year, followed by consequent conversion growth the following years (on average 75% annual increase in revenue every subsequent year). Introduction of new products to the market throughout the years significantly contributed to overall revenue increase.

Services Provided: Marketing planning and implementation.

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* Due to confidentiality agreements, we cannot indicate company and e-shop names, as well as precise conversion data.